Tuesday, July 29, 2008


So David and I decided to be adults and have decided against getting out iPhones. It's cool man! I am going to get the red blackberry. It's pretty!!!!!! Or maybe I will get something else. I haven't decided. So there you go. Coco Chanel will not be an iPhone.

Friday, July 25, 2008

The life of training a husband

So first of all I am not one of those "Wives" meaning a. I'm not a wife yet and b. I'm not trying to change David or even train him like a dog. I don't want to do either I really don't. Well that's not true I wouldn't change David except for a few minor details, close the cabinet doors, don't leave the toilet lid up, wipe up after you spill something, and rinse your plate don't just set it in the sink. You know normal things wives nag their husbands to do.

Last night David and I were sitting at the table eating our dinner. I am turning more and more into Santa Barbara each day because instead of watching t.v. I would prefer to talk. Those of you (well all four of you who read my blog) who know David (again the four of you who read my blog) know that this isn't hard to do. As a matter of fact I must write the creators of Patapon because that is the only time David stops talking and I can watch Martha in peace. That's an exaggeration but David does talk a lot.

So there David and I are enjoying our Primavera (yum!) and we were talking about getting old. I said something to David along the lines " Oh great I can see it now I will finally get you to start putting the toilet lid down and then bam! You won't remember because you'll be old and suffering from Alzheimer's." Well David found this really funny and told me I was a clever girl.

I said it as a joke, but I kind of meant it. I really think it will take me a good 60 years to get him to put the lid down and close the cabinet doors. Then I will get about a year when I don't have to nag, we will walk into the doctors office and they will inform David he has Alzheimer's. Oh man! I think I would give David permission to take a hot twenty something girlfriend so she could deal with it and I will just go spend all my time playing Bingo.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

I didn't need a game to tell me.

So yesterday my parents bought a wii and the wii fit. I was eager to try out the wii fit because it looks like so much fun. So you set it up and it checks your weight and BMI. It also does a series of tests to find you center of balance and other stuff. Then it happens. There's your mii standing there and then this little scale comes up on the screen and scrolls through finally it stops. My mii blows up to like three times it's size and then the mean game tells me I'm obese. Like my self esteem couldn't get any lower until...

It decides to calculate my wii fit age. That's right it was 38! 11 years older...looks like I have a lot of work ahead of me! Stupid game.

Monday, July 14, 2008


It has always been a life long quest of mine to be cool. Seriously. That's why I started smoking. Only cool people do that. Am I wrong? That's why I started acting because I was going to become famous then everyone would want to hang out with me.

This is all an exaggeration. I never actually really cared about being cool. I started smoking because I wanted to learn how to blow smoke rings. I never did. Acting? Well it's just a thing that I happen to do.

Today however I believe (don't tell me otherwise) I have finally done it. I am a cool kid. David and I bought iPhones. It's amazing all you can do with it. You can call people. You can text people. It plays music. All phones do this I know...but this is an iPhone. It gets on the Internet.

I would go into further detail about my amazing new phone that has a touch screen and a GPS built in...IF I ACTUALLY HAD IT!!!!!!

It's on back order. They have no idea when it will be in. It could be a week it could be a month. David and I may have very well forked over all that money for a phone we may never see. Okay okay I know we will get it. I knew it was going to be popular. I knew I was going to have to wait to get it. I did not know however that it was going to be harder to get then the Herm├Ęs Birkin bag!

So right now somewhere in the Mac factory there is an iPhone that is waiting for me to take her home. I already named her...my iPhone's name is Coco Chanel because I am sure I will love it just as much as I love Chanel!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

How I met your father

Just to clarify what the title of this blog means... no I am not pregnant. I wish. Really I do. One of our favorite shows is How I Met Your Mother so that is the meaning behind the title. This entry is about how David and I met and ultimately ended up together.

The first time I ever laid eyes on David was in the summer of 2002. I had just recently broke up with my boyfriend Jason because he moved to Florida and was a swinging single gal who also unfortunately was lusting after a bartender name Joey. I don't want to think about that part....moving on.

I pulled into work at Borders. I really did love my job. To this day I still miss it. I worked with this girl named Jess. Now she never really warmed up to me. I really did want to be friends with her but it never happened. I walked up and noticed that Jess was talking to this guy who I knew must've been her boyfriend. His back was to me and he seemed to be really worked up about something because he was talking with his hands. I also noticed he had a cigarette in his hand which I found to be odd because as far as I knew Jess didn't smoke. So I had to walk in between them and of course I didn't want to be rude so I said "Hi." I was just about to flick my own cigarette when he turned around.

I am serious when I say this...The most beautiful man I have ever laid eyes upon. He was a smoker, he had tattoos and the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen. I wanted him immediately. I still had a portion of my cigarette left so I stood there awkwardly finishing it all the while trying to stare at him without pissing off my coworker.

David would come in from time to time to say hi to Olivia who was his friend and a coworker of mine. It always made my day when he would come in because I would get a glimpse of the most handsome guy I had ever seen. There's men like Brad Pitt and George Clooney who undeniably are really attractive on film. Then there's real men like my David. Put me in a room with Brad or David and I would ultimately choose David. I really would!

So there came a time when Jess quit Borders. David came in less and less. Then I got fired from my job and didn't see him for years.

Until I discovered the downtown Fredericksburg bar scene. Courtesy of my former friends Young and Seneca.

Every now and then I would see David. Always with a different girl might I add. Now at this point in my life I had discovered something. I could actually attract men. Not because I was hot mind you...because I had the liquid courage and a total a complete lack of disregard to my self worth. I had become "that girl."

Every time David would come into a bar I would try to get up the courage to go up to him and start talking. It never happened. I just watched from afar. I even went to Hard Times to meet up with some friends and David was there with Olivia. I thought to myself "Number One I haven't seen Olivia in a long time. Number two I finally would have a reason to strike up a conversation with David." Sadly I just continued to drink with my two friends. One of which was my exboyfriend Jason.

This went on forever. Finally one night everything almost fell into place. I was at the Tavern with Young and Seneca. We were drinking and having fun. Unfortunately I had befriended this total psycho guy who we called "Crazy Irish Man." He had taken a liking to me and wouldn't leave me alone. God I wish I had never talked to him. Anyways, David was there with Brandon. I was sitting on one side of the bar and David and Brandon were sitting on the other. Seneca was wasted, Young seemed to be bothered about something and I was dealing with Crazy Irish Man.
Out of nowhere Seneca is sent a shot and Young and I both realize who it is from. He gets mad because David starts hitting on his girl. I get sad because I don't have a boyfriend and I have been watching this guy from afar trying to get the courage to say more than just "I used to work at Border's too."

David invites Seneca over to his apartment. Young really gets mad and rightfully so. Seneca says "Meggie will protect me. She'll be like my Guardian Angel." Crazy Irish Man says " I want to go too." I say "No." I didn't want my first time hanging out with him to be with Seneca who has a boyfriend but might do something she regrets and Psycho Crazy Irish Man.

Nobody went over to David's that night. I went to sleep that night wishing I had. The next night I was bored and did something I never did. I went to the Tavern alone. It was pretty late and no one was really there. I just wanted to get a beer and not be alone. I sat down and there he was. Of course he was talking to two girls and I wasn't about to wander over and initiate a conversation. So I had two beers and as I was about to order another when I noticed David asked for his tab. I thought "You can do this. You have walked up to guys before and started talking to them. You can do this." So I asked for mine too. By the time I got mine and gave my card and got it back David had already left. So I thought "Oh well it isn't meant to be." I walked out the door and there he was. He was in the middle of the parking lot turning around to go back in. Before I knew it I said "So did anyone end up going back to your place last night?" Weird question...

We started talking. I went back to his place and we've never been apart. That was May 28th, 2006. And that is the story of how I met the love of my life.

David I love you and I always will always still be shocked that I am the one you chose to be your wife.