Monday, May 17, 2010

Clever title

Hello! I've been up to nothing. That's why there haven't been any entries. Oh well...what can I say my life is boring.

We're moving!!!! I'm ever so excited. It's a house and it's on Elm St. Ha! I am having it blessed because it is very very very old. Like 1869 old! I'm very excited about moving in mainly because it has a yard for Lex and Rowdy. Plus we don't have any neighbors!

So all I'm doing is planning on what plants and flowers I want to plant. I just can't wait to get in there! We will probably have a Labor Day Bbq/housewarming. There will be a little more room then what we have now. The bathroom is teeny tiny but I will get used to it. Once we get in I will post pictures.

I have all of the utilities scheduled to turn on there. All that's left is the actual move. So...let the countdown begin! T-minus 9 days!