Sunday, May 17, 2009

It's Sunday

Hello everyone! So I really don't have anything to write about so it's all going to be random.

First off I have decided that Lex will be born on June 23rd. I've already told him he has no choice in this matter. Why? So you may or may not know I'm a HUGE theater person. It's not a hobby it's a lifestyle. I've been singing since I could talk, dancing since I could walk and acting...well let's just say I do that on a daily basis. Just ask my beloved husband. He seems to think I'm dramatic. Am I good at these things? A triple threat if you will. I like to think so, but others may disagree. Whatev...Anyhoo, June 23rd happens to be the birth date of my favorite and I dare you to disagree greatest Choreographer in the world Bob Fosse!!!! I told this to David and he looked at me like I was crazy until I explained that the Late Mr. Fosse was quite the ladies man.

So I have a little over a month until my little dude is due. I'm very very tired. Oh and found out that I am anemic. Boo! So here's my sad Preggie Meggie story.

About two weeks ago I was in Giant doing my grocery shopping. I got all of the items on my list and went to go wait in line. Whilst standing there all of a sudden I break out in a sweat and realize I may faint. I got tunnel vision and everything turned a shade of violet. So I drop down to my knees and start trying to focus on my breathing. There's a lot of people in the store and yet... Not a single person asks me if I'm okay, offers me water, Nothing. There I am 8 months pregnant and no one shows me any compassion. So once I could stand again I left my cart where it was and got into the car. Luckily my vision returned to normal. So all those jerks that were at Giant especially the lady who just stood there staring at me while this all happened, May you get an itch where you can't scratch!

I'm reading my first romance novel. Gotta be honest it's not my thing. I'm not saying that because I think it's tacky. Trust me...all you have to do is look at my bookcase to realize I read the literary equivalent to The Hills. I just can't get into it. Plus it's a Pirate theme so I'm reading it with a Pirate accent. Which I do with all books. The last book I read for the book club was set in Texas. Anyone else do that? It gets annoying after awhile but I can't stop! Help me!

Well that's it for now. I'm going to try to read some more before I go to Otani's to celebrate Brandon's 30th birthday!!!