Sunday, January 17, 2010

Now here's look at the weather in my neck of the neighborhood

Hello. It's been crazy here.

So my Father had a scare. Went to the ER thinking he was getting Bronchitis only to find out he had developed blood clots that one actually was in his leg broke in half and actually went through his heart and settled in his lungs. Luckily for him it went through the right side. Had it gone through the left that would've been a stroke.

So for most of this week my Dad was in the hospital. I cannot say enough prayers thanking God and all the Angels and Saints that Dad went in when he did. Because while he was in the hospital they found another blood clot in his leg.

So he's on meds and home. He seems to be back to his old self.

I feel like I could cry at the drop of a hat. I find myself welling up like 5 times a day. I even spent the night last night because I've been reduced to being a 5 year old and don't want to leave my parents side.

While al of this was going on we had the opening of "Jungle Book."

There were plenty of problems with that. Including today are opening. About 25 mins before curtain our Mowgli went home sick! The understudies saved the day though! Despite all those that I think our opening was great.

David and I have come up with a three year plan. We are going to save save save and then buy a new car and hopefully a HOUSE! Now to stick to it.

Also I found out a future show that The Riverside got the rights to. I now have more motivation to get in shape. class here I come! Treadmill you and I are gonna be well acquainted!

So that's all for now. Time for a new week. Hopefully a happier and stress free week.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

I'm gagging

My cat Spankford's breath is kicking. Holy crow it's bad! That is all.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Theater rant

Once upon a time in and around the Fredericksburg area there was plenty of theaters. Now there is nothing. Well unless you are in with the in crowd. There is so much amazing talent in this area yet you don't get to see them.

I've always hated the whole cast who you know. Maybe it's because believe it or not as the daughter of two directors I barely ever get cast. Why? Am I untalented? No. I'm not the best but I can hold my own. One word. Nepotism. Which I understand. It will never matter how hard I work (ten times as hard as the rest of the cast) or the fact that the rest of the cast always hears compliments. It's always I got the role because of who I know.

There are three "theaters" around here. I've worked with all of them. One is a group of people who love theater and socializing. So a normal 5-8 week rehearsal run is stretched out to 4 months. They have talented musicians that come and play for their big musicals. Nice group (well except for the woman who was after my role but karma got her back.) but it's too far away. The second is another theater. Basically it is a showcase for a few people. Unorganized and a very very very tight knit group of people. The people are also teachers or retired teachers. I now know what I knew was always true. Teachers are jerks and will always be jerks. I can safely say I don't like teachers. It was the same in Okinawa. Teachers. *raspberry*

The third well it goes without saying. I can't get cast there to save my life. Boo.

So I am an actor who has no place to act. I want to start my own. In the 90's Fredericksburg was a much more artsy town. Those people are still around. Where did they go? I know of so many people who are as frustrated with the theater companies around here. Perhaps we join forces start our own company. We need to go to the Chamber of Commerce and Junior Chamber of Commerce. Look into Government funding. Anything and everything.

If I won the lottery I would build a theater. An actual community theater. With a live orchestra and anyone who wants to do a show can come and use the theater without having to be at the mercy of the schools or the library. Oh what the dressing rooms would look like! And the costumes? They would be in a specially designed room. With dehumidifiers and organized by color, time period and size. They would also be inventoried. And no one would be allowed into there unless they had a pin number to enter into the keypad. The prop room would be organized the same. Sigh. It would be beautiful.

There would be different directors and Sound of Music would never be performed EVER! I of course would be the star of every single show! Ha! I kid I kid. However the same people would not be in every show. There would have to be new blood every show. The same people would not be cast in the leading roles over and over and over again.

Oh it would be strict though. You don't put down your conflicts and then remember "Oh yeah I forgot I work on Mondays." You're fired! You come in late because you drank too much the night before? You're fired. You're just plain lazy? You're fired! You question the director? You're fired! You give notes to a fellow actor? You're fired. You are unorganized during auditions? You're fired!

That's just a dream. I can dream. And if Saint Genesius wants to throw something over my way I'd be more then happy to follow the road.