Monday, December 28, 2009

It's almost that time...

Ahhh...New years, my favorite holiday. It used to be because I was a party girl. Now I like it because it's a new year and a new start. I'm going to have an open house for people to drop by. I figure people always have tons on plans and instead of making them choose they can either stay for the whole thing or not.

So usually I would take the whole "I don't make resolutions." This year however I have a list. Many of which are your standard.

1.) I like big butts...and that IS a lie. I'm going to get skinny gosh darn it! I'm tired of being the fat girl. It was awesome when I was thin. I will hit my goal weight by the end of this year! This year I turn 30. New decade new girl!

2.) Run a marathon. I think I can. I think I can. I think I can

3.) Be more diligent about learning to speak Spanish. My husband is fluent and Alexander will be too. I don't want them speaking about me and making jokes at my expense in another language!

4.) SAVE SAVE SAVE! We are planning a trip to Germany. We can't go if we don't have the money!

5.) Take better care of our vehicles.

6.) Not get caught up on insulting people. When people are being negative I will try to say something nice about that person. Except for the Clintons. I just can't do it. Ick.

7.)Watch less tv. My goodness what I could do with all that extra time.

8.)Be more organized.

9.)Be better about attending Mass. Sheesh....I am a Catholic it's not like I say it because I'm trying to be different. I am just too lazy to get up and go. What's sad is there are like 10 different Masses I could go to. INCLUDING at night!

10.)Review this list often and keep at it.

There you go. It's a lot I know. Hopefully I will stick to it.

On a different note...Lent is coming up soon. Instead of giving up soda, I'm giving up fast food. Man I bet I lose some serious weight!

Toodles noodles.