Monday, May 7, 2012

Well hello there! How are you? How's your job? Wonderful! What's new with me? Well I finally did it. I moved to Seattle. A life long dream finally achieved. Do I like it? No. I LOVE IT! I really miss my friends. However, Facebook makes it a little easier to be so far from home.

So here we are, 3000 miles away from our old home. Changes are being made and I'm loving every minute of it. After years of just saying, we're doing. Today we went and hiked around Tradition Lake. It's amazing how getting out there in the fresh air really invigorates you! Granted, this isn't new news. It just felt good to be out in nature and enjoying the beauty of it all.

I will say I miss our garden terribly. It's only temporary until we buy a house. I sure do miss waking up and walking into our garden and picking the fixings to make a salad for dinner that night. In time I will get that back, but for right now I am working on building an army of potted plants. I will plant some herbs and tomatoes. Hopefully this will satisfy my need to garden. Since we are coming up on berry season I plan on trying my hand at making jam. I'm becoming even more domesticated since moving out here. I want to learn how to crochet! When I do...Afghans for everyone!

My little Lex will be THREE in a little less than two months. Time sure does go by fast. Although I feel like I can recall everyday since he was born. We went to our first parents meeting for his preschool this past week. I had a friend who told me to make sure you get onto any parent board you can. So I did. I am now the new Treasure for the Issaquah Co-op Preschool 3's Class. Not only will I be working as a treasurer, but I will be working in the classroom at least two days a month.

I really love the idea of this because I want to be a teacher. I figure this will help me get a better idea of what teaching will be like. There is a LOT of work involved at a Co-op preschool. I am interested to see if this is going to be overwhelming or if I am thinking that it is more work then it really is. The previous treasurer said that it really is all about being organized and that being a treasurer actually helped her redo her household budget. And who couldn't use that?

I'm happy. I'm loving our new place. I'm loving cleaning it and making it all nice and cozy. It's a little weird having David working here at home. I'm sure that if he ever were to work at an office I would miss having him home. It's wonderful that he gets to see the babies so often. He just comes out to get a refill of water or something and gets to see the kids. Turtle is attached to his daddy and even though he sees him through out the day, he still has a meltdown when ever David leaves the apartment.

Life's great out here in the Pacific Northwest. I highly recommend coming out here. And if you do, look me up and we'll get a coffee.

Onwards and upwards!

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